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    Welcome to Dreamweaver Studio.  Here you will find fabulous sterling silver and gemstone jewelry, as well as unusual and evocative artworks, including vases, chalices, goblets, martini glasses, Kiddush cups, glass plates (many with sterling silver accents), jewelry and religious objects created in hand-wrought sterling silver, glass and gemstones.  I utilize many techniques to bring these pieces to life, including torchworking, fusing and slumping of glass and forming, fabrication and lost-wax casting of silver.

    Most of my work combines both media.  I have no studio assistants as I prefer to work alone with music and nature for inspiration and company.  Working by myself allows me complete control over every aspect of design and creation of the items found on these pages (with the exception of this website, which was created by my brother Brian.)  I hope you enjoy seeing my creations as much as I enjoy bringing them to life.

    Custom orders are always welcome.  Sometimes a small memento's value is only in your heart.  And you would very much like to keep that item close to you in remembrance, or honor, of a time, place or person.  I would be pleased to discuss the creation of a necklace, bracelet, ring or special holder for any precious piece you have.



Past Adventures
E-mail me at dreamonyall@yahoo.com or call 314-517-8240

Selected pieces can be seen at Componere - University City, MO

If you are in the St. Louis area and would like to see the entire Dreamweaver collection, please call (314) 966-8702 for an appointment.
Barbara Otterson    

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