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Winter Solace Pin

Winter Solace Pin @ $72

Lily of the Valley Pin

Lily of the Valley Pin @ $160
Smaller LotV Pin @ $115

Heartsongs Pin

Heartsongs Pin @ $54

Angel Heart Pin

Angel Heart Pin @ $58

Star Angel Pin

Star Angel Pin @ $58

Dichroic Glass Dragonfly Pin

Dichroic Glass Dragonfly Pin @ $70

St. Judy's Comet Pin

Red only St. Judy's Comet @ $64
White only St. Judy's Comet @ $68
Blue only St. Judy's Comet @ $60
Red, White & Blue @ $60
(Purple) amethyst @ $66

Hot Air Balloon Pin

Hot Air Balloon Pin @ $46

High Desert Pin

High Desert Pin @ $164

Triangular Pin/Pendant

Triangular Pin/Pendant @ $140

** NOTE **  Some of the items above are one-of-a-kind and subject to availability.  If any of them are marked 'Sold' in their description, please contact me as a similar item can hopefully be made.  

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